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Orthodontic emergencies


Braces problems

Braces  or wire that  hurts 
If a Brace hurts you, it is recommended to place the wax over it  to avoid irritating continuously the soft tissues of the lips,cheeks or gums. If it is a piece of wire that pokes you, a little piece of wax over the wire can provide instant relief, or use a small nail clipper to cut the tip of wire that is sticking out. In both cases, if the problem persists, do not hesitate to call the clinic to schedule an appointment. During our absence your dentist can relieve you by  cutting the wire. 


Debonded brace  or deformed wire 
If  a brace unglues off a  tooth  or a wire appears deformed or slides out of a brace, do not worry!This sometimes happens under pressure from chewing in the early stages of treatment. If a wire pokes your cheek , gently push it under the other braces with the tip of a pencil eraser. Or put wax over the wire or over the unglued brace. Call us soon so that we can relieve you. If you are away from home, the nearest dentist can grind or cut off the wire to alleviate the dicomfort;we will fix everything at your next appointment.

Other problems

When we put the braces on, it does not hurt. Only two hours after placement do the teeth become sensitive to pressure. It lasts 3 to 7 days depending on the patient. To relieve pain quickly, just take the usual drugs against headaches and other pain: Tylenol, Advil, ... For one or two weeks,the soft tissues of the mouth (lips, cheeks or tongue).Simply placing wax over the brace or wire that is close to the irritated area will ease the pain until your mouth gets used to the presence of the braces and wires.

Tooth mobility
This is quite normal during treatment. Do not worry. The teeth have to be slightly mobile to be moved.The teeth will regain their solidity in the supporting bone when the treatment is completed and when it is in equilibrium position.

If despite your precautions, if ulceration appear on your soft tissues, we invite you to rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day.

Appliance unglued
If it is an expansion appliance unglues and the expansion is not  complete, do not proceed with any other activations  before having corrected the situation. If there is pain, you should contact the clinic as soon as possible.

Removable appliance
If it is a removable appliance that hurts, wear it only at night until your next appointment. If the pressure is too high, you can remove 1 or 2 turns of activation. For lost  appliances call us to schedule an appointment to make a new appliance( please note that laboratory fees will be applied for lost or broken appliances).

Forsus (springs)
If the bottom is not inserted in the upper part (spring) ,compress the spring upwards and reinsert  the pin in the spring.

Forsus (springs)
If this is the top that has become loose, you can reinsert it into the large tube of the band on the last tooth.