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Dr David Benguira orthodontiste montreal
Our goal "maximum results with minimal discomfort." We help adults of all ages as well as children improve their smile in a comfortable and safe environment. We offer innovative treatments and invisible that allow you to benefit from an approach that combines efficiency and aesthetics. We also use the approach with corticotomies which reduces the duration of most treatments by up to 50%.

Dental X-ray 3D

For all our fellow dentists or surgeons who place implants or who need to accurately assess the position of impacted teeth in relation to anatomic obstacles, plan complex surgeries bone grafts or endodontic interventions , three-dimensional dental imaging is essential . Our imaging department is also not only dental but is also useful for ENT and plastic surgeons.

In our north shore clinic we use a dental scanner that provides higher quality images than a medical scanner with 30 times less radiation! All our collegues can be assured that their patients will be served with courtesy and professionalism. Following the  radiography you will  receive a CD-ROM containing the DICOM files compatible with all 3D interpretation softwares you already use and our interpretation program, which includes a library of implants to allow you to plan and simulate surgery.

Dr David Benguira orthodontiste montreal


We offer a professional imaging service including:

  • Imaging protocols to low-dose radiation with the possibility to choose exactly the area to be scanned.
  • 30 times less radiation than a medical scan.
  • Duration of irradiation of 8 to 20 seconds.
  • Much cheaper than the radiological clinics.
  • Analysis of temporomandibular joints.
  • Compatible with software such as surgical SimPlant Invivo and NobelGuide.
  • 3D reconstruction for a more accurate diagnosis